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No Hidden Fees - Local Moving Company NYC

Why do moving companies have hidden fees? Often times companies are in the practice of  “bait-and-surcharge” which involves advertising a highly attractive offer/price to gain consumer interest. But when it is time to complete the purchase, mandatory surcharges are tacked on. Through this sleight-of-hand, the marketed price is never the final price. This is an unethical business practice.   "Bait & Surcharge" is a tactic that is becoming all to common across various industries. In the hotel industry, your enticed by the $50/night fee and then once the purchase is complete, you have resort fee and room service fees.  An advertised $59.50 ticket price to attend a Chance the Rapper concert in New York City comes tethered with a 50% premium slapped on at checkout for service, facility, and ordering fees. And for me, Sprint has decided to add an inescapable  “administrative charge”  to its advertised prices which will add another $5 to the monthly charges billed to me.