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Here's why college students, roommates and all of NYC loves us. DLVRY COMPANY is just delivery without the hassle and without vowels.

Our service is ideal and appeal to those moving less:

  • large furniture purchase 
  • some studio/ 1-bedroom apartments
  • moving to / or from storage
  • Roommate single-room situation
  • Just got a chair off Letgo / Craigslist
  • 5 STAR Rating on Google Business since started
  • 5 STAR Rating on uShip marketplace
  • 5 STAR Rating on TaskRabbit marketplace

Our company structure has changed a bit to better move forward with our core values and what we are trying to build, a different moving company for the modern city dweller.

View our company information below.

This page will be updated frequently to be 100% transparent with our delivery service.

Curbside NYC

Trade name for Urbanubian, LLC

Curbside NYC is the trade name for Urbanubian, LLC operating in New York City.

Urbanubian, LLC

Operating company for DLVRY Company

Urbanubian, LLC is the operating company conducting business transactions in New York City.

DLVRY Company

Holding company is parent corporation based in Wyoming

DLVRY Company is the parent corporation for Urbanubian, LLC operating in New York City.


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